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Round the Clock Truck and Trailer Services in Baltimore

Truck and Trailer Repair Center Inc. is your ultimate choice for comprehensive truck and trailer services in Baltimore, MD. Since the dawn of the automobile industry, trucks and trailers have become integral to business operations. Recognizing the important roles they play; we have honed our skills to meet varying demands and ensure that your trucks and trailers are always in the best condition.

What We Do

We offer a wide array of services including on-road engine repair services, trailer repair, truck repair, PM service, oil change, DOT inspection, new and used tire supply, warehouse wrecker services, and accident repair.

24/7 Road Services

We understand that maintaining your trucks and trailers in a presentable shape can be challenging. Therefore, we've brought our services to the digital space, making it super convenient for you to access our offerings. Be it engine repair, denting, or painting, we are a click away, providing 24/7 road services.

Why Choose Us?

Truck and Trailer Repair Center, INC. is more than just a service. It's a solution designed to give truck and trailer owners peace of mind. With us, you can forget about scouring the city for a mechanic. Whether you need a tire change or a full engine repair, we have you covered. Choose us for all your truck and trailer repair needs.